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Introducing Dr Fatima Kurnaz (BBiomed, DDS)

Hi Guys!

We are so humbled by the support you have shown us. Today we are proud to introduce the first additional Doctor to the 5Drs team! We are so please to have such a talented lady join us in this project!

Introducing Dr Fatima Kurnaz (BBiomed, DDS)

Dr Fatima Kurnaz is a dentist who grew up in Melbourne. Dr Kurnaz obtained her formal qualifications from The University of Melbourne, and includes a Bachelor of Biomedicine, with a major in anatomy and physiology; and more recently, a Doctor of Dental Surgery.

Currently based in Darwin, Dr Kurnaz works in a private practice. Her areas of interest include oral surgery and restorative dentistry, as well as hoping to further delve into airway problems and sleep apnoea.  She is excited about oral health preventative programs, and plans on embarking on working more closely with the Indigenous communities. In her efforts, she hopes to increase accessibility to dentistry and play a role in reducing the oral health disparity that exists between indigenous and non-indigenous populations.

Outside of dentistry, Dr Kurnaz is currently completing a Master of Arts and is actively involved with the community and youth of Darwin. As part of the Five Doctors Project, she hopes to promote sound understanding of oral health and diseases.