Introducing Dr Haloom Rafehi (BSc (Hons) PhD)

Hello everyone!

We hope that everyone is doing well. Over the next week we will be posting the biographies of the doctors involved in the 5DRs project. This is the first of those posts. 

Dr Haloom Rafehi (BSc (Hons) PhD)

Dr. Haloom Rafehi is a scientist who is currently working at a Melbourne based heart and diabetes research institute. She has obtained formal qualifications from the University of Melbourne, including a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours, and has recently graduated from her PhD.

Her research focuses primarily on understanding how different drugs interact with our ‘epigenomes’ and how they can be used to treat complex and potential deadly diseases such as heart failure. The epigenome refers to the complex mechanisms by which a cell ‘reads’ the DNA and decides whether to produce more protein, the basic building blocks and functional machinery that run our bodies.

Dr. Rafehi has written and continues to write many peer-reviewed original research articles and reviews. Topics include objectively reviewing the potential for natural compounds, such as olive oil or cinnamon extract, to treat diseases such as diabetes. Her more recent work has focused on a class of drugs called HDAC inhibitors that are currently used to treat cancers but have the potential to treat many other diseases, including heart disease and inflammatory disorders.

Her passions include science (of course!) and especially making sure that science communicated to the public is accessible, easy to understand, and most importantly, not sensationalised or over interpreted. She is excited to be working on the Five Doctors project and hopes that she can make a real difference in the lives and health of women.


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