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Introducing Dr Sema Kuyruk (BSc, LLB(Hons), MD)

Dr Kuyruk is a medical doctor currently working in Melbourne. Dr Kuyruk initially completed an undergraduate double-degree in Law and Science with a major in physiology at the University of Melbourne. During her undergraduate studies, despite enjoying the conceptual complexity of law, she became intrigued by the health sciences. As such, she then undertook postgraduate medical studies at the University of Melbourne, completing a Doctor of Medicine (MD).

During her undergraduate studies, Dr Kuyruk’s predominant research interests involved exploring the rights of women and children in modern society along with Public Interest Law as well as Health and Medical Law. She completed a year-long research project assessing the role of the Children’s Court of Victoria. Her interest in working with children has persisted through her medical training and Dr Kuyruk is looking forward to discussing important issues impacting the health of children on the Five Doctors blog.

Dr Kuyruk is also passionate about understanding the causes and potential medical treatments of obesity and the genetic, environmental and psychological basis of weight gain and weight loss. She recently contributed to a study exploring this area under the guidance of two well-established obesity specialistists.

Dr Kuyruk believes that evidence-based medicine is essential to addressing modern-day health issues and hopes through the Five Doctors project that sound medical information will be more widely available. She is passionate about advocating for the rights of women and children, and believes that helping women stay informed is key to achieving this aim.  She is also a lover of art, fashion and all things caffeinated.