Introducing Dr Yasemin Balkis (BOptom, Ocular therapeutics)

Dr Balkis is an Optometrist who graduated from the University of Melbourne and is currently working at a clinic in greater metropolitan Melbourne.
Although Dr Balkis practices general Optometry & consults a wide range of patients of various demographics, she is particularly passionate about paediatric optometry & has special interests in ocular disease.

Shortly after graduating Dr Balkis had the opportunity to volunteer for a Fred Hollows Foundation outreach program in Fiji where she assisted with both pre & post operative care of patients undergoing cataract surgery. She was able to witness severely vision-impaired people regain their sight through cataract surgery, some of which who had been legally blind for years. It was a truly rewarding experience. Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures undertaken throughout the world, but unfortunately not very accessible in many third world countries.

Dr Balkis is looking forward to working on the Five Doctors project and in particular to play her role in increasing public awareness on the importance of eye health & regular eye examinations to ensure early detection of treatable eye conditions.